The Voyager Archives was created in order to preserve the history and collective knowledge of the Space Simulation Center community. With over 25 years of creativity and history, the ideas which have been developed for various Space Simulation Centers have never been documented in a centralized place. The Voyager Archives is a source of knowledge and experiences that can be built upon and shared by anyone who wants to contribute to the Space Simulation Center community. This website fulfills that need by providing, A comprehensive history of the Voyager Project, Do-It-Yourself articles, media, and more.

The Space Center

The Original Space Simulation Center was founded in 1990 by Victor Williamson and was called the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center. It started out with it's first Space Simulator called "The USS Voyager". This center has been operating for over 25 years. Since its inception has hosted over 300,000 students during day-time school year field trips. Many people have said that their lives have changed after going to the Space Center. It continues to opporate at its original location at Central Elementary School, and it has spread to a variety of other schools throughout Utah and other states. For a list of other Space Simulation Centers based off of the original Voyager Concept, and updated information about them, see the News Section.

About me

My name is Matt Ricks, and I am a college student studying Computer Engineering. I've spent over 7 years working in some capacity with various space simulation centers. My life has personally been touched by the the Space Center and I want to share the experience that I had with others.

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